These are some of the kind words I've recieved from my clients.  If you've had a good experience with Mixed Company Dog Walking & Pet Sitting that you'd like to share, feel free to contact me!

"Sara is an exceptional find! We originally hired Sara to watch our dogs and cats while we were on vacation because we no longer feel comfortable leaving our oldest dog at a kennel. A huge windstorm hit our neighborhood while we were gone and Sara went out of her way to make sure all the animals were safe and sound. We were very impressed with the way she handled the situation and kept us informed. Plus, our hyperactive border collie, Shula, did NOT like strangers coming into the house, but Sara won her over in no time at all. We have noticed a huge difference in Shula's behavior with houseguests since Sara has been walking the dogs twice a week. She used to pace and growl the entire time someone came to visit. Now she brings them a ball, plops her head in their lap, and waits expectantly to play! Sara is patient, gentle, caring, and responsible. We love the email updates after every visit and the occasional photo of dogs playing in snow or cats rolling on the carpet. Most of all, we love how Sara seems genuinely concerned about the welfare of our pets and how comfortable we feel leaving them in her care. Don't even call anyone else - Mixed Company is way friggin better than any of 'em!"

Eldon and Amy, Davis County (Kona, Shula, Toby, Tia, & Kate)

"I have used several different birdsitters for my birds in the past and can say without doubt Sara is the best of the bunch. She met with me ahead of time so I could show her what I needed her to do in my absence. While I was gone, she sent daily email messages with updates about my birds which I liked. When I returned, I found everyone doing well. My house was also tidy and my birdcages were the cleanest I had ever seen them after a week. I would definitely recommend Sara for your pet sitting needs."

Alisa, Salt Lake City (Frida, Sanchez, Sofie, Hastings)

"Sara and Mixed Company are the best thing that I've ever done for my dogs! Sara is very attentive and has taken the time to know my dogs as well as I do.
She is a fantastic resource for keeping up with my dogs when I have to work. For example, she let's me know when one of my "kids" has trouble voiding, or one seems to have a sore foot, or if my dog with the bad back is improving.

Sara takes my dogs to new and interesting places so they don't have the same boring places to play. Most importantly she keeps them safe. During a recent walk, she put herself between my six pound, leashed Papillon and an unleashed large dog. Her quick reaction most likely saved my dog's life. And when she called me to report the incident, she had the forethought to start the call with "everyone is okay." It is a huge relief to me to have someone take good care of my dogs when I can't be there.

I used to take my dogs to a nearby dog daycare but there was very little human contact there and all of my dogs are "people pups." Sara provides them with a fun interlude and lots of pets and attention, and provides me with peace of mind while I'm at work."

Karen, Davis County (Mo, Dane, Andy, Kitty)

"It has been a pleasure having Sara as our dog walker and pet sitter since we got our two dogs about a year ago.  All our experiences and interactions with Sara have been very positive.  Although a brief review like this cannot capture all of the wonderful qualities and professionalism that Sara has demonstrated to our dogs and to us, we have highlighted a few that we value the most.

Sara is a compassionate and caring animal lover and it shows in her interactions with our dogs.  Our dogs get very excited to see her and their time with her is a highlight of their day.  Sara takes joy in interacting with our dogs during their walks and often takes them to dog parks for play sessions.  Unlike many other dog walkers who simply take the dog outside to relieve them, Sara takes her time and truly enjoys spending time with the animals and getting to know them like they are her own.  Sara is also thoughtful in her daily planning.  She often takes them on different routes, walking them by new buildings, etc. so they are always getting a change of scenery.  Sara always leaves us detailed notes about the daily walks, which are pleasant and informative to come home to.  We can relax during the day knowing that our dogs are in good hands with Sara.

In addition to being fantastic with our dogs, Sara has also demonstrated a high degree of professionalism in all other aspects of her business.  She is punctual, reliable, responsible, thorough, flexible, honest and trustworthy.  In particular, when looking for a dog walker one of our main concerns was finding someone we trusted to let into our home.  With Sara, we are so fortunate that we do not have to worry about this issue at all.

We are so thankful that we found such a wonderful person to take care of our beloved dogs when we are not able to.  We would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for an excellent caretaker for his or her pets."

Erin & Pat, Salt Lake City (Oscar and Henry)

"When I first met Sara I felt immediately like she was someone who would take care of my dogs the same way that I do. Too many pet-sitters and daycares consist of people who kind of like animals but don’t really know what they are doing or who simply think it’s an easy income. My dogs are my hobby- I spend several hours a day with the dogs as the focus- training, grooming, etc. When I am gone I want them in the care of an individual who is willing to give them the high level of care and attention they are familiar with.  I wanted a dog walker/sitter who was offering services because she actually likes dogs and was knowledgeable in dog care.

Sara has not disappointed me. Both of my dogs adore her, including Erie, who has a very reserved personality.  I love the daily updates that Sara provides.  I regularly use Sara for daytime walks when I am gone all day and pet-sitting when I am out of town.  My dogs are my most important possession but when Sara is caring for them, I don’t spare a thought for their welfare. I know that they are in expert and loving hands getting all the time and attention they (or me) could hope for.

Topping it off, Sara’s rates are more than reasonable and she is always very accommodating. She takes last minute requests whenever she can. I can recommend her without hesitation and do so often."

Lacey, Davis County (Erie and Seeker)

"Sara Blaisdell is one of the kindest and loving people to take care of dogs. My dogs Who and Baylee are her best friends. She is very dependable and she sends daily emails. She sends photos of all of the activities that she does with my pets. I have to travel for business and it gives me great relief to know that she is there for Who and Baylee. They look forward to seeing Sara every day.  She told me, ‘Thank you for allowing me to do what I love to do.’ I could not recommend her highly enough for the job that she does taking care of Who and Baylee."

Sharlene, Davis County (Who and Baylee)

"Sara first got to know our dogs through overnight pet sitting. Riley is a 5 year old lab mix we rescued from the shelter, who has significant separation anxiety. We were always very nervous to leave him, because it usually meant he’d be anxious and not eat for days. The second time she came to pick him up (despite the usual fear brewing about the suitcases) he ran to her van, jumped in and never looked back. She now takes Riley and Nala once a week on a hike and they love it! She is very trustworthy and reliable, picking up our dogs when we aren’t home. She is very knowledgeable, has a strong training background, and it is clear that she loves dogs! My husband and I both highly recommend her!"

Amanda & Josh, Salt Lake City (Riley & Nala)